Mandala Vernal Equinox 1
Vernal Equinox Mandala Part 1, 2019
Mandala Vernal Equinox 2
Vernal Equinox Mandala Part 2, 2019
Mandala Vernal Equinox 3
Vernal Equinox Mandala Part 3, 2019
Mandala 1
You Can Have Everything If You Let Yourself Be, 2017
Mandala 2
The Patterns of Our Lives Reveal Us, 2018
Mandala 3
Vernal Equinox Mandala, 2015
In the dawn of spring, vibrant blooms beckon me. The emergence of new growth paints contrast and sketches answers; It is tranquility that reverberates through the patterns that nature reveals.
Mandala 4
In Honor of Pulse, 2016
This mandala was created in honor of all the men and women whose lives were lost from acts of hate, who serve as reminders that we must continue to be strong and to remember that it is human compassion that binds us to one another. 
Mandala 5
Winter 2019
winter. so seemingly still, but the modest details of growth still remain.
Mandala 6
May 2016
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