Light and Abundance
Light + Abundance, 2018
Sympathetic Vibrations
Sympathetic Vibrations, 2018
Renewal of Life
Renewal of Life, 2018
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind, 2015
When it comes down to it, I don't think that people easily accept the fact that life simply does not make sense. In fact, they wither in discomfort and hide from it, closing off the mind and heart. Do we realize what we are robbing ourselves from? Is it really a novel idea that if we practiced open-mindedness and curiosity rather than judgement, that we are reaching greater depths? Allowing our hearts to be vast as the sea, instead if wading in shallow waters. Has it occurred to anyone that we make being human way harder than it needs to be? Be keen on your thoughts and trust your intuition, be content in listening instead of always wanting to speak, open your heart and nourish your mind with love, compassion and acceptance. It is important to remember that once love has taken root, it grows deep, anchoring itself to what is most important; It cannot be torn from its foundation and up from it grows life, free and radiant with warmth and color.
Shine Your Light
Shine Your Light, 2015
This piece was meant to embody the values and messages critical to women’s empowerment and reproductive freedom. It reflects the power of art as a medium to illuminate and empower the voices of those who have experienced reproductive oppression, stigma, discrimination, liberation, and/or justice.
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