Buntings on a Bougainvillea
Buntings on a Bougainvillea, 2016
This piece was inspired by the seasonal resident Painted Buntings that live in the beautiful bougainvillea that grows in the yard of my home in Florida. They have such a peaceful presence about them.
Scarlet Ibis + Spindalis
The Scarlet Ibis + Spindalis, 2016
The Spindalis is the bird of Puerto Rico and the Scarlet Ibis is the bird of Trinidad & Tobago.
Orchid Cattleya trianae + Yariguies brush finch
Orchid Cattleya trianae + Yariguies brush finch, 2016
Both the Orchid Cattleya trianae and the Yariguies brush finch are species that are endemic to Colombia, South America. The Yariguies brush finch was discovered in 2004 in the cloud rainforest of northern Colombia. The Orchid Cattleya trianae is the national flower of Colombia.
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