Eudaimonia, 2014
Eudaimonia // The Greeks coined this term in effort to enlighten us on the nature of certain states of mind that are conducive to nurturing well-being and a deep sense of serenity and fulfillment—we could also see this as our ability to flourish. The experience that translates everything is within the mind. We know to be true, that when facing the most challenging of situations we are often exposing a very vulnerable part of ourselves. The basic human struggle with fear and vulnerability, our tendencies for attachment, and desire to control our outer world which is limited and often illusory, are what create burdens within us and fades our ability to really flourish and love. Whether it is conscious or not, whatever we do, hope and dream in our lives, is bound to a profound desire to find meaning, well-being, peace of mind and happiness. If we want to reach this state of mind we need to be willing to let go of who we think we should be in order for us to be whom we really are. We need to embrace these moments of struggle, appreciate them and let them help us recognize our fullest potential of what we are capable of doing, of feeling, of how deeply we are by nature, meant to love. When we embark on this realization and learn to detach from what is holding us back, eudaimonia becomes enduring rather than transitory, we become more humble, and we open our eyes, our ears, our minds to all that is around us. By the fundamental fabric of our consciousness and cognitive abilities, we are more than capable of flourishing, of experiencing well-being and of becoming ever more grateful of our capability of recognizing that the sweetest nectar is within.
Passion Incarnata
Passion Incarnata, 2015
I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on the ways I want to live, the ways I want to love and what I need to do for myself in order for me to experience what it really means to be alive, what it means to be awake. With each moment, our lives are creating, they are expressing and evolving. We are life, therefore we are also creating, expressing and evolving. That is, if we allow ourselves to open up, expose the cracks of vulnerability within our hearts and trust that the natural processes of things will spiral out before us guiding us to bloom. Each and every one of us has a purpose in this life; we have a purpose to ourselves to learn, to grow, to seek balance and harmony and a purpose to each other to reach out in love and to help one another recognize the very parts about ourselves that need work so we are able to create, express and evolve. It is essential for us to experience what it means to truly feel and live full of passion; to let go of the idea that we can control and define every aspect of life, to diminish the worry of the unknown and the fear of struggle and pain that is inevitable as we follow our own path to understanding. It’s natural to be afraid; endlessly exposing your vulnerabilities, allowing yourself to accept the cracks that form through living a life full of passion, yet at the same time allowing for the cracks to be filled with light, love, and wisdom. You are only a reflection of your experiences and all of your experiences are beautiful.
Spectrum of Senses
Spectrum of Senses, 2016
I find it fascinating how we receive and perceive information and most specifically how certain things have the ability to inspire us and engulf us with emotion. How associations with certain information has the power to transport us across space and time reuniting us with distant memories; how experiencing particular sensations can bring us comfort or cause us to feel unsettled. Whether it be the sounds of a thunderstorm, a chorus of birds, or soulful music; the warmth of a watercolor sunset painting the sky or a breeze that carries the scent of a dewy meadow or even a home cooked meal; the comforting embrace of a hug. The very essence of each and every moment is constantly being interpreted through our senses, the tools in which we use to perceive the world around us and explore the world within us. The spectrum of sensations we are capable of experiencing and are in tune with is ultimately what defines how we feel, think and who we become. We connect to our spiritual sense, our consciousness and ability to understand love, comfort, pain, and fear, through the collective blending of all the senses in the spectrum in each given moment of time. Our spectrum of senses is an empowering gift as it's through them we become our own greatest teachers.
Biodiversity, 2015
This one is for mankind to remind ourselves that we need to learn to touch the earth more gently. I share sentiments with Muir that "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."
Today is Different
Today is Different, 2014
A reflection on what it means to find something new in everything.
Flourish, 2014
A reflection on growth, renewal, self-love and embracing change.
Bodhisattva, 2015
This piece reflects symbols from Puerto Rican culture including the hibiscus state flower, the common coquí frog, the sacred ceiba tree, and congas. It was created as a musician's album art for music that takes you on a journey of soulful boom bap instrumental beats and vinyl samples.
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